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About Us

Beenleigh Butchery is a long standing business in Beenleigh. We have been serving our local area since 1898. As well as being a full retail butcher shop we specialise in producing succulent full flavoured traditional wood smoked Bacon & Hams for local customers, other retail butcher shops and restaurants.


We are proud of our product and the demand speaks for itself. The Bacon & Hams you buy from us will be of exceptional quality and flavour guaranteed.


Beenleigh Butchery proudly source only Australian Pork, which we have been buying from the same growers for more than 30 years.   We have been producing full flavoured wood smoked Bacon & Hams in the traditional time honoured way. We slow bake them in our original ovens using carefully selected hardwood for smoking to achieve our award winning taste. It will be the best tasting Bacon & Ham you have ever eaten – Taste the Difference!


The Bacon & Hams from Beenleigh Butchery are lovingly hand made and take a minimum of 5 days to produce and have great keeping qualities. We prepare thousands of Hams each Christmas for customers all over Queensland.


Our delicious wood smoked Bacon & Hams are available all year round, so don’t just wait for Christmas.